Projects and Publications

Below you can find selected downloads from some of my individual research and community projects. See my CV for a complete list.


Henke, Ryan E., & Andrea L. Berez-Kroeker. 2016. A brief history of archiving in language documentation, with an annotated bibliography. Language Documentation & Conservation 10. 411–457. PDF.


Henke, Ryan, Andrea L. Berez, Gary Holton, Brad McDonnell, & Ruth Rouvier. 2015. The use of archives in endangered language preservation: The state of the art. Part of the Utilization of archives in endangered language research, revitalization, and documentation special session, sponsored by the Committee for Endangered Languages and their Preservation. Annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, Portland, OR. January 8–11. PDF.


Henke, Ryan. 2017. Introducing the worldwide list of Master-Apprentice programs. 5th International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation, Honolulu, HI. March 2–5. (The Directory is now online here.)